Crew was professional and friendly. Very easy to work with. Five stars.

Dennis Greenwood

All of the above + receptive to last minute changes.

Scott Prevet

Very polite. Very satisfied with the price.

Sarah Ford

Professional and friendly, asked questions, courteous. Great job! very pleased and will use again!

Amanda Pietras

Very efficient and hustled all day.

Karl Whitson

Helpful and very friendly!

Joanna H.

They were very helpful and careful with everything and polite to me & my husband even when we were giving directions :)

Nancy Read

On Sunday July 30th I was moved by 3 men from College Bound Movers - I have to tell you they were OUTSTANDING.....I would recommend your company to anyone looking to relocate - it was a great experience and would not hesitate to contract your services again

Rita L.

Excellent service. Very pleasurable staff and professional. I recommend them highly.

Jim & Janet M.

Very hard working hustlers. Please send them next time!

Tracy b.

I cannot say enough good things about this crew. Brand new floors, walls, doors - not a scratch.

Michael G.

Crew was courteous in asking if we wanted anything moved again to different rooms. Very flexible with changes in client decisions.

Elizabeth B.

on time, courteous, and professional.

Patrick J.

Great move, great attitude, great guys.

Dwayne K.

Very careful with our belongings and took extra care where needed.

Joann J.

Absolutly satisfied! The crew was friendly, courteous, very efficient and went over and above for service!!

Lydia W.

Crew chief peter and helper Jesus are very efficient and exemplary individuals who did outstanding work!

Peter S.

Better than I anticipated - made everything so easy!

Deborah R.

Flexible, understanding, strategic, efficient all with smiles and laughter - perfect.

Pattie T.

They were very helpful and careful with everything and polite to me and my husband even when we were giving directions.

Nancy R.

Very courteous, professional and helpful.

Jonathan Patt

Dave + Josh were very professional and friendly and did a great job moving our things! Great job! We are very satisfied.

Michelle Sinville

Great experience again with CBM. Efficient, friendly and took good care of stuff.

Nick McCallvin

The best move ever!

Eileen Vanlaw

Those 4 worked like a well-oiled machine. They were on time - they were dressed - they were polite - they worked hard !!!! Just wanted you to know I would love any or all of them back for the VT move. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Ellen Moriarty

Since some of our furniture is extremely heavy, I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I opened the door last week to the two young men that were sent by College Bound Movers to move our furniture out of our 3-story duplex and into a Mi-Box storage unit, but their professionalism, strength, good humor, and very creative furniture stacking, which enabled us to utilize every inch of our Mi-Box, quickly put my mind at ease! We were very pleased and impressed with how quickly and smoothly these movers worked together to carefully move our furniture down an inside staircase, through an outside deck, and down another long outside staircase. We will use both College Bound Movers and Mi-Box again for future moves and will recommend them to anyone else that we know who is looking for help with their next move!

Shawna Sheehan

New Hampshire is so fortunate to be home to College Bound Movers. Ed's story of starting this company embodies the spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship in New Hampshire. As a wife of a small business owner I know that you often face many challenges and work around the clock to make your business the best it can be.

Former Senator Kelly Ayotte

I am so glad I found these guys. The movers were very careful, professional and quick. Everyone seemed to care about doing a good job. My furniture was well packed and arrived undamaged. Much different from my previous moving experiences. I’ll be a customer for life.

Wes Kogelman

College Bound Movers is successful because the owner takes good care of his customers and employees. Providing regular storage and portable storage services also help to satisfy all different customer needs. Congratulations Ed.

Teddy Hsu

I am so pleased with the service they gave us on Saturday November 5th. They were there 15 minutes early they hustled and bustled and got everything done within 8 hours just as expected. The three gentlemen that helped us out we're very personable, friendly and very nice, they made you feel like they were your friends helping you out move and it didn't feel awkward having three men in your house. They were very funny, when you asked them to do something they were right on it there was no hesitation they never lost their motivation they work from the second they got there to the second they left. They never lost their energy they came in with. I'd absolutely recommend college-bound movers to anybody that's looking for a moving company. Great job guys! I really appreciate it! My house looks amazing!

Amanda Hughes

Ian & Chris did an amazing job moving my furniture. They took the utmost care in making sure my floors were not scratched and the items placed gently. Chris was extremely pro active in providing service that went above and beyond what a standard mover would do. He even vacuumed my rug while I was looking for tape.

Diane Fenton

I wanted to take a moment and provide some feedback regarding our move experience yesterday, September 1st from Ipswich to Salem, NH. First off the crew (Sean, Tyler and Aaron) arrived as stated and that is always a great first impression. Then from that point on it only got better. They were all very polite, courteous, respectful and efficient. They took the time to see what needed to be moved, always asked if there was a question if something was to be moved and were friendly all throughout the day. They made what I anticipated to be an extremely stressful day, not stressful at all, and in fact it was a tad bit fun at times. Anytime I thought something might be a challenge, their response was, "Don't worry at all, we got it". The level of customer service is just as important as moving the stuff on to the truck and it's hard to find that mix in someone that is willing to do the hard labor and be strong in their customer service skills, let alone 3 people. You should be proud as a Company to have these 3 guys on your team and I look forward to my Mom's next move and using College Bound Movers again!

Keith and Stacie Frost

They were wonderful! On time, pleasant, friendly, and efficient!

Courtney Cashman

There guys worked hard and are very professional.

Jane White

Very Professional and very Efficent!

Mary Mattson

Made a daunting task fun despite the heat.

Amy Rowe

There guys worked hard and are very professional.

Jane White

They worked really hard to get everything done well.

Jan Desmarais

Awesome Crew!

Brian Murphy

Wonderful guys and very professional.

David Martino

Very satisfied with the work. The crew was very nice and efficient.

Brian Kordelski

Exceptionally polite, smiling, supportive, & helpful. Wonderful crew!

Kathy Bleezarde

Easy crew to work with who were very friendly, efficient, and careful. We can't say enough good things about them!

John & Dana Johnson

The crew was very efficient, polite, and careful.

Joan Alosso

Great Service!

Matt Gorman

Great Crew!

Lance Gabert

Extraordinarily Polite Crew would took great care of our possessions. Very easy to have around. Thank you!

Carolyn Borkowski

Very satisfied and would use again!

Ian McGraty

Good team and very respectful! Great Job! Thank you!

Zachary Irish

Very satisfied and would use again!

Paul Fraser

These guys made a hard job fun!

Trudy Costa

Very satisfied and would recommend again.

Elizabeth Barrett

Very friendly and efficient workers. I will be using CBM again!

Madeline Stoker

I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service of the three guys you sent for my move. They were friendly, fun, efficient, and very good at what they do. They not only were careful with my furniture, but took the time to make sure I was pleased with every step along the way. Thanks for the service, and please keep up the good work.

Daniel Marsh

Fantastic. Respectful, hardworking and professional.

Colleen Graham

Great crew! Friendly and quick. They did an awesome job on a difficult move.

Tricia Robey

Worked efficiently.

Kristen Fredo

I want these two great movers for my other two moves in the next couple of weeks.

Joe Pozerycki Jr.

Completely satisfied. Very well mannered and courteous. Great workers.

Thomas Morrow

Very pleasant, easy to work with!

Rebecca Kuhns

Awesome job! Would highly recommend.

BetteAnn Southwick

Always professional, customer oriented, and never 'blink an eye' at what needs to be done.

Donna Comeau

Great Job. Pleasant, polite and professional service.

John Hahn

Office manager wants to refer new tenants. Very impressed with the movers.

Shirley Harrington

Awesome workers!

Roxanne Himmelman

Worked quickly. Came, scoped the place out, started working immediately. Fast and friendly

Mike Kropp

Professional, timely, and efficient. Great Job!

Kathleen Laporte

Men were very professional and efficient. Very friendly. Good crew. I used to move furniture - your guys did a great job.

Christopher Olson

Very difficult move that they handled with intelligence, creativity, and awesome attitude.

Debbie Congron

Cannot say enough positive things about Dan and Chad. Wonderful to work with, great job, well done, prompt, efficient, polite.

Deirdre Taylor

I have used CBM 3 times. This was the best one. Every company should adopt the customer service of Matt and Nick.

Csaba Nagy

Courteous, efficient, helpful and outgoing. Send more movers like Chad and Dan to keep your good business prosperous.

Nancy Higginbotham

GREAT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE! Matt & Brian were above and beyond to get the job done. Because of these two guys, I will always call CBM for all my moving.

Jason Ferreira

Very satisfied again. The crew was courteous, FAST and very respectful of my things. I would use you guys for my next move, if there is another move.

Nancy Williams

Speedy, friendly, polite, outstanding. They were all outstanding individuals, worked incredibly hard the entire time. Cannot compliment them enough.

Kulch Financial Services

They took good care of my belongings and had a positive and professional attitude. Keep up the good work!

Craig Adrian

Very professional throughout a tough move. Would use you again. The guys were great.

Luwanna Ludoux

The crew was wonderful. They treated our belongings with great care and respect. They worked tirelessly on a bitter cold February day. They were a pleasure to work with and took the stress out of moving day

Wally Cummings

The three you sent were awesome. I will refer and always use you. Thank you so much. Even the heavy furniture was completed with smiles and jokes! Great guys

Jay Flannery

I have moved 20 times and this move involved the most professional and courteous crew I have ever dealt with.

Sydney Breeman

I recommend College Bound to all my clients and I have used you twice. You are excellent. Thank you.

Wendy Huckins, Realtor, RE/MAX Properties

The guys were great, courteous, professional, and pleasant and really knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially with their friendly customer service oriented attitudes.

James Duffield

I've moved all over the world with the top moving companies and this was the smoothest move I have made and with the best crew.

Dawn Weidner

Fantastic! None better in my twelve moves in the military. Outstanding!!!

Bill Fields

The crew that helped us move was OUTSTANDING! Patient, hardworking and tireless. We were impressed with their work ethic and kindness. Thank you for your service. We will recommend your company to everyone we know.

Amy and Leo White

The workers were extremely cooperative, courteous, efficient and competent. We will definitely use College Bound again!

Senator John E. Sununu