Refrigerator Movers

Heavy appliances are a pain to move. Even if you just want to change the look or layout of your kitchen, you probably take one look at your refrigerator and decide to leave it where it is. Our refrigerator movers are here to help. We can help you move all your kitchen appliances around your house or to a new location regardless of their weight or size.

Preparing the Refrigerator
When you chat with us about your move, we can recommend ways that you can prepare your refrigerator for your big move. A few days before we arrive, you can start giving away the foods that you won't use. We often suggest that you clean the fridge the day before you move too, which will eliminate the odors inside. Those odors can actually spread to other things stored near the refrigerator in the moving truck.

Securing the Fridge
One of the first things that we will do when we come to pick up your fridge is check on its overall security. If you have shelves and drawers inside that move easily, we might use cardboard or small blankets inside to keep those pieces from moving and to reduce the risk of items breaking during the move. We will then use cords or straps to secure the doors in place and to keep those doors from flying open. Our movers will carefully lift the refrigerator and place it on a furniture dolly to move it onto the truck. During your move, we'll also secure the refrigerator onto the truck and use blankets and straps to keep other appliances from striking or rubbing against it.

Why College Bound Movers?
At College Bound Movers, we understand some of the problems that can occur when moving heavy appliances. Laying the fridge on its side or its back can do significant damage to the coils and keep the fridge from operating once it arrives at your new address. We also take steps to keep your fridge safe from any other appliances or boxes stored on the truck. When you call College Bound Movers or request a free estimate on our website, you can find out more about the steps we take and how much we charge.

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