Moving FAQs

Yes! At College Bound Movers, we pride ourselves on our policies on employment. It is very common in this industry for companies to hire day-laborers, go through temp agencies or take in untrained general laborers who get paid under the table. Moving the contents of one's home is NOT "general labor." One of the reasons that College Bound Movers is so successful is that we keep a full staff of thoroughly trained employees on payroll and without the assistance of temp agencies. Proper training makes a world of difference. You can read about training and the classes the movers are required to take here.
No moving company can guarantee that nothing will get damaged because you are being moved by people, and accidents can happen. However, College Bound Movers' damage rate is practically unheard of in the moving industry. The US industry average for damages occurring on jobs annually is approximately 18%. College Bound Movers' average is approximately 2%. Because of the extensive training in place, we have never hit the 3% damage percentage in the more than 25 years we have been in business. However, if something does get damaged, we offer valuation coverage to protect your goods and allow for easy claim filing. Please speak with a Move Coordinator for more information.
No! For 25 years CBM has worked diligently to assure any and all work is ours. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and for that reason we have never contracted labor to other vendors.